Chairperson of AlterEos

Disabled people work

When she arrived at AlterEos in 2012, Sylvie Cheynel had to face an economic crisis that was shaking up the structure of a company based on three activities: packaging, call centres, and the digitalisation of documents.

A single challenge : sustainable employment for a vulnerable population

Tourcoing (59)
Disabled people work

The stakes were high for this adapted company created in 1991 and which employs 350 people, of whom 90% are made vulnerable by disability.

Sylvie Cheynel knows that “the life of a company is far from a walk in the park”. Throughout its winding journey, AlterEos has always been able to count on its partner, France Active – in development phases like that of 2000, and also in difficult times, such as the cyclical crises of 2006 and 2012. To bounce back, AlterEos adapted through a greater diversification of its activities and clients, at the same time rethinking its sales and communications strategies.

The company also decided to redesign its Tourcoing premises to bring together all its employees, abandoning its rented call centre in Marcq-en-Baroeul. These actions, supported by France Active, paid off. Since 2013, the company has been financially stable, and about 20 people are now hired each year.

This new-found peace is enabling the company to prepare for more challenges. It is moving into two new areas of activity: fast-food and order preparation. “The past crises have taught us to be vigilant and to anticipate evolutions in our environment,” concludes Sylvie Cheynel.

The company continues its journey as it creates its future…

Have benefited since its creation

from many investments of

256 700 €

Have benefited in 2014

from an investment of

300 000€

from a guarantee of

322 000€

Were supported by

France Active Nord

France Active Investissement

By 2000
By 2007
By 2014

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