POSTED 12/12/2018

A wave of optimism among entrepreneurs financed by France Active!

Paris, 12 December 2018

Results of a major study assessing our impact on socially-committed entrepreneurs

France Active, the movement of socially-committed entrepreneurs, has been a pioneer in the field of solidarity finance for 30 years. Every two years, it evaluates the impact of its involvement on the success of projects financed three years previously. This major study, conducted in May 2018 by TMO Régions, covers 5,771 companies and associations supported in 2014, 708 of which took part in a telephone survey. It provides information on the background of the entrepreneurs supported, the sustainability of their project and their capacity to grow and create jobs.

Very encouraging results showing momentum that
far exceeds the national average
in terms of job creation and economic performance

Job creation double the national average

Figures on the creation and uptake of jobs supported by France Active show a particularly strong dynamic in job creation. In fact, having launched their business with on average 2.1 employees (compared to the national average of 1.9), these companies were employing, on average, 4.5 people three years later, compared to a national average of 2.9, showing growth of 114% compared to the national average of 52%.

It is worth noting that this growth occurred primarily in the creation of permanent contracts (45% of employees signed permanent contracts in 2018, a figure which has tripled in three years). In total, companies supported by France Active in 2014 had 38,600 employees on their payrolls in May 2018, bringing the estimated net total of posts created to 19,500.

Survival rate after four years 10% above the national average

Of the companies created, 79% are still in business after three years, 8% more than the national average. The survival rate after four years is 74%, (10% higher than the average).
The comprehensive and tailored support France Active provides to socially-committed entrepreneurs (through advice, financing and networking) has proven particularly effective: it has allowed 40% of business creators to bring their projects to fruition, as well as 58% of those developing their projects.
Lastly, these entrepreneurs are particularly optimistic about their future, with eight out of ten saying they are satisfied with their last project, around one in two wishing to grow their business and one-third planning to take on more staff!

Do these entrepreneurs have a magic formula? The human values that underpin these companies, and the meaning they find in their professional commitment are undoubtedly the keys to their long-term success and their optimism.
All they need to spark their success is a helping hand from France Active, which gives them access to financing and supports them throughout the different stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

Pierre-René Lemas, President of France Active explains, “One of our main goals is to open up entrepreneurship opportunities for the most vulnerable, especially young people who are unemployed or in insecure situations, and women, who are often discriminated against when it comes to access to employment. We also try to help those who are starting out in vulnerable regions, in both inner city and rural areas. I am proud to see that we have come a long way towards achieving this goal, and, above all, that these socially-committed entrepreneurs are growing faster than the average and creating value and high quality jobs!”

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