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Growth and social utility : challenge fulfilled by France Active in 2022

In the aftermath of the COVID crisis, the France Active activity is showing a high growth regarding its financial and non-financial support to socially committed entrepreneurs. The French leading non-profit network in solidarity-based finance has raised almost half a billion in 2022 and supported 35 500 enterprises. This is a proof that entrepreneurship can address a social vision of the economy. Last year, the action of volunteers and employees of the network made it possible to create and safeguard 60,000 jobs.

+ 12% of enterprises supported in 2022

In a context of strong growth regarding enterprise’s creation, France Active has strengthened in 2022 its support for new entrepreneurs who are the furthest from the banking system as well as for social entrepreneurs implementing a project with strong social utility. France Active is convinced that entrepreneurship is one of the answers to the social and environmental challenges and to the increasing poverty. It thus raised almost half a billion euros in favour of 35 500 socially committed enterprises.
+ 20% between 2021 and 2022 1 regarding the amount of funding raised and + 12% regarding the number of enterprises supported : this growth also has an impact on the guarantee activity (+16% regarding the guaranteed amount) and on the investment activity (+38% regarding the invested amount). All in all, 60,000 jobs have been created or safeguarded, of 64% of direct creation.

Business creation: a greater support
for the most fragile audiences

100% OF THE NEW ENTREPRENEURS ARE JOBSEEKERS 37% among them are in a very fragile situation (long-term jobseekers, recipients of minimum social benefits, …). France Active pays attention to the fragile territories, that’s why it has also strengthened its support activity towards the entrepreneurs in priority urban neighbourhoods and rural areas. Those entrepreneurs who represented 25% in 2021 represent 30% in 2022.


WOMEN : one entrepreneur supported by France Active out of 2 is a woman (vs. 41% of the new entrepreneurs in France). The non-profit organization facilitates their access to credit via the guarantee “Egalité Femmes” and around 10 local programmes dedicated to non-financial support and connection.


YOUNG PEOPLE more and more young people are supported by France Active: 32% are under 30 years old (vs. 28.3% in 2021) 53% are high school graduate or under.

Pierre-René LEMAS

Chairman of France Active

We’ve overcome the health crisis by focusing our effort on the entrepreneurs addressing social and environmental challenges. For the 35,500 supported enterprises, we are the only have to have such a defined vision of the entrepreneurs’ social commitment: job creation, territories development, environment, social connection and democratic governance are the five pillars driving their project and action.

To give equal access to funding to create their enterprises and develop their social utility.

In 2022, France Active focused its funding on two main missions:

  • To protect the most vulnerable entrepreneurs
    By using ¾ of its fundings for loan guarantees in 2022, France Active gave fragile entrepreneurs and social enterprises the opportunity to access funding. The 35 regional associations of the France Active network thus contributed to secure their journey and strengthen their economic model. This was even more decisive in 2022 thanks to the support of the Ministry of Labor, Full Employment and Integration who made it possible to fund and support 4,000 vulnerable entrepreneurs. The strengthening of the France Active creation pact enabled to offer new trainings, a personalized support and a premium for 18-30 years old.


Lastly, 83% 2 of the new entrepreneurs supported by France Active are still in operation 3 years after they were funded (vs. 74% for all the enterprises – INSEE data).

  • To invest to develop social utility
    Creation, development, transformation, turnaround: France Active intervenes at each stage of the business lifecycle of the socially committed enterprises. In 2022, France Active raised € 80million of solidarity-based investments, of which € 41 million from its social investment company. Almost 1,200 enterprises could increase their capacity for action. For many of them, investment is a lever to commit to ecological transition, to boost their digital transformation or to strengthen their organization while pursuing their social utility ambition. To strengthen its support to these enterprises, France Active is preparing for next September a new investment offer totally dedicated to social and ecological transformations.
1- In 2021, France Active has raised €508 million, including €103 million as COVID emergency measures. For 2022, the share of this financing represents only 11 M€. On a like-for-like basis, France Active has grown by €80 million in mobilized amounts on these financing activities. Back
2- TMO impact study (independent research firm) carried out for France Active in 2021. Back

Three stories of socially committed entrepreneurs

Envie Autonomie

Envie Autonomie endeavours to make the society more united, more inclusive, and more environmentally friendly. It supports women and men excluded from the labour market by providing them with a job and qualifications. This network offers collection and renovation of medical equipment.

>Web Site

  • Investment : €160 ,000 in 2021


WeDressFair offers an alternative to the “Fast Fashion” by bringing together different brands and ethical collections. It meets consumers’ expectations for more ethics, responsibility, and respect for the environment thanks to its physical shop in Lyon and a web shop.

>Web Site

  • Bank loan guarantee: €48,750 in 2019
  • Investment: €250,000 in 2019 and 2020
The multiservice shop of Pauline Girbal Pauline Girbal decided in 2020 to take over the grocer’s shop of her town, Saint-Urcize in the Cantal. Using shorter supply circuits and working with local producers, her shop boosts her town with 500 inhabitants. Thanks to the support of France Active, she provides a neighbourhood service, social links and offers local products. > Facebook Page
  • Bank loan guarantee: €30,000 in 2020

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