Development Pact

At France Active, we stimulate business development by giving entrepreneurs the means to bring new projects to fruition, seize new opportunities or consolidate existing business.

Who is it aimed at?

This pact is for socially-committed entrepreneurs :
They aim to have a positive social or environmental impact, work for the benefit of their region, or integrate community involvement into their structure (for example, an NGO or a cooperative). The growth of the company will create or secure jobs.

What needs does it meet?

The Development Pact allows the entrepreneur to :

  • challenge their development project and business model ;
  • evaluate closely their financing needs and find the most appropriate resources ;
  • get in contact with partners that could be helpful to their project.

Taking stock to take things further

The France Active adviser offers the entrepreneur :

  • a complete inventory of the development or consolidation project, including economic, financial and organisational aspects ;
  • assessment of the business model, highlighting strengths and points to watch out for ;
  • a financing strategy tailored to the company, having defined and validated financing requirements – for example, for new investments or stronger cash flow – with the entrepreneur ;
  • a better understanding of bank’s expectations and helpwith securing their support for new projects and creating, maintaining and strengthening relationship with the bank ; 

Depending on location, the France Active advisor can also offer a local support programme (Dispositif local d’accompagnement). How it works : The project is evaluated on certain specific issues, such as the business model, governance and management of human resources. An expert is then assigned to support the entrepreneur.

Finding the financing to achieve your ambitions

The adviser helps the entrepreneur to complete their financing plan, combining solutions proposed by France Active and other finance-providers, including their bank. To obtain a bank loan, the adviser offers the entrepreneur a guarantee solution that provides the bank with security and limits the need for personal guarantees. The entrepreneur can then concentrate on growing their project knowing they are well protected.

With France Active, entrepreneurs can benefit from tailored financing solutions, depending on the nature of their project. There are extra guarantees for projects in rural regeneration areas and high-priority suburbs as well as loans specifically for SSE structures.

A supportive and useful network

The France Active adviser can point the entrepreneur towards relevant actors in their region that can help their project succeed, such as banks, local authorities and entrepreneur groups.

Where are you?

Starting out

A brilliant idea


Ready to go ?


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Need to rebound ?
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