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  • 30 novembre 2020


    Project Owner

    Promoting regional commitment

    Trade of local and organic Herbal teas.
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  • 15 octobre 2020

    Sylvie Cheynel

    Chairperson of AlterEos

    A single challenge : sustainable employment for a vulnerable population

    When she arrived at AlterEos in 2012, Sylvie Cheynel had to face an economic crisis that was shaking up the structure of a company based on three acti...
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  • 15 septembre 2020

    Vincent PARET

    CEO of Oasure

    Ecology and Insertion thanks to the reed

    Reconciling ecology and insertion ? Oasure proves this is possible by employing people in integration for innovative projects : water purification usi...
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  • 11 août 2020

    Matthieu ESCUDIÉ

    CEO of Eurofence

    A commitment for governance

    Eurofence SCOP staff are unlikely to forget the adventure of the relaunch of their own company, which was filing for bankruptcy. They were not sure it...
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  • 3 décembre 2019

    Bernadette PAUL-CORNU and Jean RUCH

    Co-Directors of Familles Solidaires (Family Solidarity Association)

    Accommodation: there is another way

    Familles Solidaires was created five years ago by a group of family caregivers of disabled people. The goal: to support and encourage the development ...
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