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Press release


  • 2 août 2021

    Marie NGUYEN

    Creator We dress fair

    Addressing the immense challenge of the impact of the textile industry

    The public is aware of the impact of the textile industry, but there is little information on consumer alternatives; our goal is to highlight differen...
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  • 16 juin 2021

    Anna LEVÊQUE

    Owner Handicall

    An adapted company facing the crisis

    Handicall has been in existence for 16 years. It started in Bordeaux in 2004, and the company was bought at the end of 2006. The idea is to externalis...
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  • 26 mars 2021

    Bernadette PAUL-CORNU and Jean RUCH

    Co-Directors of Familles Solidaires (Family Solidarity Association)

    Accommodation: a third way is possible

    Court texte de présentation (pour introduction et slider Stories de la home) : For the last five years, Familles Solidaires has supported and encour...
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  • 30 novembre 2020


    Project Owner

    Promoting regional commitment

    Trade of local and organic Herbal teas.
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  • 15 octobre 2020

    Sylvie Cheynel

    Chairperson of AlterEos

    A single challenge : sustainable employment for a vulnerable population

    When she arrived at AlterEos in 2012, Sylvie Cheynel had to face an economic crisis that was shaking up the structure of a company based on three acti...
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