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  • 3 décembre 2019

    Bernadette PAUL-CORNU and Jean RUCH

    Co-Directors of Familles Solidaires (Family Solidarity Association)

    Accommodation: there is another way

    Familles Solidaires was created five years ago by a group of family caregivers of disabled people. The goal: to support and encourage the development ...

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  • 12 septembre 2018

    Alexandre SCHMITT and Christine ODINOT

    Co-founders of the Maison des Sages

    How about we live together?

    Since its inception in 2014, La Maison des Sages has offered an innovative alternative to shared housing for people with Alzheimer's disease, in the f...

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  • 6 avril 2018

    Jules and Antonin STRAUMANN

    Creators of Au Pré des Frères

    It all started with a balcony...

    The Straumann brothers produce and sell organic and diversified vegetables, promoting little-known varieties in particular.

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  • 7 mars 2018

    Vanessa BRANCHEREAU and Amélie PIETRI

    Creators of API LsF (Professional Agency for Sign Language Interpreters)

    Say it in sign language

    Developed as a cooperative, Amélie Pietri and Vanessa Branchereau’s API LsF was created to promote the development of French sign language. Operati...

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  • 6 octobre 2017

    Stephan MARTINEZ

    Creator of Moulinot

    The best waste is no waste.

    Created in 2013, this Paris-based company specialising in the recovery of organic waste from restaurants was the winner of the 2017 Grand Prix de la f...

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