Pre-seed stage Pact

At France Active, we promote the emergence of new businesses by giving entrepreneurs the means to bring their projects to fruition and by opening up access to a supportive and useful network.

Who is it aimed at?

This pact targets future entrepreneurs who want to put employment and social utility at the heart of their business plan. It is also aimed at those who want to find new solutions and models that meet social needs, in both their own region and elsewhere.

What needs does it meet ?

The Pre-seed Stage Pact allows each entrepreneur to :

  • challenge their business plan and refine their business model ;
  • create a financing strategy ;
  • devote time to ensuring their project is mature, thanks to financial support during research and test phases ;
  • surround themselves with partners committed to their success.

Thorough and supportive advice to help define the project

The France Active adviser helps each entrepreneur gain perspective and offers :

  • a complete inventory of the project, including economic, financial and organisational aspects;
  • analysis of both strengths and points to watch our for, identifying issues to be solved and potential obstacles to overcome;
  • recommandations for further experimentation, with particular attention paid to the financial strategy ;
  • new solutions for starting up a business, if the entrepreneur wants to move beyond the test phase once the project is more developed. 

Finding the financing to achieve your ambitions

Entrepreneurs present their projects to France Active’s many financial partners.

The objective is to obtain enough money to finance the project’s testing and development phases.

A supportive and useful network

France Active puts each entrepreneur in contact with an experienced entrepreneur working within their sector or region and who shares their values.
The mentor’s role is to support the entrepreneur throughout the project development phase by offering recommendations and access to their professional network.

The France Active adviser can also point the entrepreneur towards relevant actors in their area, such as local authorities and business incubators.

Where are you?

Starting out

A brilliant idea


Ready to go ?


Looking to speed things up ?


Set to conquer the world ?


Need to rebound ?
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