2021-2025 Entrepreneurs and committed: towards a new horizon

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2021-2025 Entrepreneurs and committed: towards a new horizon

The 5 dimensions of commitment

At France Active, we believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship to create an inclusive, sustainable and democratic economy.
Our vision of commitment is not only plural but also resolutely global, and this, around 5 dimensions : Employment, Territory, Social cohesion, Ecology, Governance.

Continuity will not be enough

The crises of the last few years are proof of this: the already precarious balances have shown all their fragility, their breaking points.
Increasing poverty and precariousness, climate disruption combined with a collapse of biodiversity, rising anger - sometimes with great violence expressing a growing need for recognition on the part of citizens ....

Our ecosystems are out of breath. It is urgent to turn the corner.
The answer is for us unequivocal : faced with these social, ecological and democratic problems, our answers can only be social, ecological and democratic.

For this, we have an imperative: our vision of committed entrepreneurship must be recognized as a collective project interacting with its environment to provide structural and global solutions.

We want to create the conditions for a new horizon of commitment - supportive, collective, assertive, combative.
We do not want to choose between job creation and environmental preservation. We do not want to choose between preferential support for the young, the elderly or the handicapped... depending on the unemployment rate and the calls for projects. We do not believe in the hypothetical trickle-down effect that would be linked to individual success alone.

We want all companies to place high on their list of priorities the search for a positive impact on equal access to dignity, on well-being and conviviality.

We want to place ecology as a central objective, fully integrated with social concerns.

We want to create networks, animate them, develop them to re-enchant territories and give a real place to the voice of citizens in the elaboration of decisions that concern them.

We want to give real power to this movement by making all these committed companies a real force for transformation.
Collectively, we want to rebuild the balance of power. Let's move the lines, let's install new rules of the game.


> We want to encourage the creation, development and influence of committed companies

> We want to give everyone a chance to undertake

> We want to accompany existing companies in their transformation


> We want to respond to the priority needs of the territories

>We want to build up networks that create impact

>We want to connect, inspire and create new solidarities


> We want to provide financial solutions adapted to the service of commitment

> We want to innovate to transform finance to serve commitment

> We want to empower savers to reclaim finance for citizens


> We want to open the France Active movement to entrepreneurs,

> We want to connect entrepreneurs to help new collective projects emerge

> We want to associate stakeholders in the success of the company and its commitments

Strategic project 2021-2025: our 4 transformation drivers

1- A learning collective

To capitalize on our long-standing and recognized technical skills, let's share our expertise and increase it by operating as a permanent "laboratory" that invests in innovation through :

> Increasing our relational skills: our core business is in pedagogy, engineering and transmission;

> identifying and networking key competencies;

> cooperation with universities and research centers to widely disseminate the conditions for success of the economy we want to build.

2- Participatory governance

We have set up a collective operation with our regional and territorial associations, our national financial companies, our members and our shareholders. Let's now go further by :

> extending it to new stakeholders (local and national partners, banks, investors) ;
> opening our governance to entrepreneurs and social and economic actors who share our vision of the economy;
> giving a more important place to committed entrepreneurs in our decision making.
> ensuring the development of volunteer involvement.

3- A more complete economic model

To consolidate our economic model, which has been impacted by the crisis and is subject to the vagaries of political decisions, we will rely on
> mutualization and leverage;
> the development of our own resources;
> the participation of stakeholders in the project;
> the financing of our board;

4- A connected business

In order to design and provide customized and scalable solutions, we are investing in digital and shared tools that enable greater connection between our entities, our employees, our territories, and also with and between committed entrepreneurs.

Our goal for 2025:
to become a movement of transformation
and sharing at the service of committed entrepreneurs!

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