Europe and France Active – Working together for a more inclusive and sustainable economy

Europe Day, held on 9 May, provided the perfect opportunity to remember the crucial role the European Union plays in creating employment and promoting social cohesion, working in tandem with the France Active network.

France Active has been working with the EU for nearly 20 years, promoting social cohesion across member states and increasing access to employment through entrepreneurship. In support of this work, France Active receives European financing, particularly through the intermediary of the European Social Fund. France Active’s bank loan guarantee activities draw on the resources of the European Regional Development Fund and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development; it is also supported by the European Investment Fund. Through this collaboration, our movement of socially-committed entrepreneurs entrepreneurs has developed a certain expertise in the management of European resources. France Active is a member of several European networks, for example, the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks – FEBEA and the European Venture Philanthropy Association – EVPA, and plays an active role in working groups on subjects concerning Europe.

Our network now wishes to make an even greater contribution to building the Europe of the future at a time that offers every opportunity. While promoting social awareness amongst businesses is an important first step towards creating a new economic model, it is not Europe’s only option. Along with many others, France Active is keen to adopt a clear position promoting a socially aware economic model that offers benefits for both society and the economy.

This goal is the logical continuation of a political project that our network is leading in France: creating an inclusive, sustainable and socially conscious economic model. This is achieved by reinforcing the social innovation that is key to developing the European social model. In parallel, we are working with various partners to develop socially conscious financing. We are also creating and strengthening ties with European players that share our goals. The idea is to promote and duplicate alternative and hybrid business models like those developed by France Active.  

France Active has two main missions
1/Supporting all forms of socially conscious entrepreneurship at a European level and promoting social and inclusive business that:

  • prioritises social inclusiveness and environmental protection;
  • encourages fair distribution of wealth amongst all parties involved;
  • is built on participatory and inclusive governance.

2/Promoting socially conscious financing at a European level with a significant and long-lasting impact on society and the environment that:

  • encourages banks to finance real businesses, supporting those with least access to their services and developing responsible practices (for example, eliminating the need for personal liability loans);
  • encourages participation in solidarity savings.

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