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In 2012, Eric Laur, a truly social entrepreneur, created AfB France, inspired by a German concept that aims to limit the environmental impact of obsolete IT equipment. In 2014, it won the Grand Prix de la finance solidaire.

Another life, another chance

Annecy - Haute-Savoie - France
Business services

Founded in Annecy, AfB France specialises in computer reconditioning that offers sustainable jobs to people with disabilities.

« Some had been looking for work for more than two years or were long-term unemployed. We are very proud to have helped them reintegrate the workforce », says Eric Laur.

AfB France collects end-of-cycle IT assets from local authorities and key accounts. The company sorts, checks and repairs the equipment before giving it a second life. « We sell 70% of the equipment collected in our stores, via the Internet or to wholesalers, » explains Laur.

Laur discovered the business model in Germany, on a trip taken after he himself had lost his job. Laur was supported by the German branch in the beginning as well as Adises Active, France Active in the Pays de Savoie. In 2016, France Active provided capital as a long-term investor and became part of its governance. « The support of a solidarity finance-provider like France Active is precious, » explains Eric Laur. « It began before the company was founded and has continued through every stage of our development« .

The network has now supported the company’s scale-up and the creation of two new AfB France sites in Caen and Grenoble in addition to Annecy. « We want to work more closely with our partners to help create local jobs, » concludes Eric Laur.

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90 000€

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350 000€

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110 000€

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40 000€

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France Active Savoie Mont Blanc
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France Active

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