Jules and Antonin STRAUMANN

Creators of Au Pré des Frères

Organic farm

The Straumann brothers produce and sell organic and diversified vegetables, promoting little-known varieties in particular.

It all started with a balcony…

Turckheim - Alsace - France
Organic farm
From apprentice gardeners to organic farmers… Jules and Antonin added gardening courses to their respective studies in economics and horticulture to prepare them for their project: starting an organic farm. It is a "place where we can live and work with the greatest respect for nature and man" and where Jules and Antonin grow vegetables and fruit, and raise chickens and bees in a natural environment. The brothers’ grandparents granted them the use of a one-hectare meadow, which has obtained the organic label and where they will practice agro-ecology. Au Pré des Frères’ organic products are sold at local markets and used by restaurateurs keen to include lesser-known high-quality vegetables on their menus.

Life project and professional project!

Agro-ecology is based on the synergy between plants and animals: the black Alsace hens eat insects, the bees pollinate the fruit trees. Vegetables interact to protect each other and grow in symbiosis. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil, lavender and tarragon grow side by side with medicinal plants such as chamomile, lemon balm and valerian.

In this ecosystem, the brothers grow tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, radishes, beans and turnips, opting for older varieties that many have forgotten. Manure and compost enrich the soil naturally. The soil-damaging plough has been banished in favour of the chisel plough, a tool that loosens and aerates the earth.

Creative and socially-committed entrepreneurs The Banque Populaire, intrigued by their project, suggested the brothers talk to France Active. Sonia Rapin, Head of Very Small Business in Alsace Active, who supported the project, says: "Jules and Antonin were very keen to be supported by France Active as they are activists within the Social economy." For Jules, “the CAP’JEUNES grant came at just the right time to round out our cash flow”.

And the future?

” We plan to start planting fruit trees soon. We are also completing the installation of ten new bee hives and beginning construction of a greenhouse high tunnel.” These tunnels allows producers to get a head start on the start of a new season and gain a month of growth.

Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Prepare your project well and analyse every aspects: feasibility, competition, opportunities, legal issues, choice of suppliers…  Also, train yourself and communicate. But above all, be passionate about the profession you have chosen.”

For the Straumann brothers, these things are at the heart of making your idea a reality.

Have benefited

from a guarantee of

25 000€

from a sum of

2 000€

Were supported by

France Active Alsace

By 2015

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Jules and Antonin STRAUMANN

Creators of Au Pré des Frères
The Straumann brothers produce and sell organic and diversified vegetables, promoting little-known varieties in particular.

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