Creator of Moulinot

Waste recovery

Created in 2013, this Paris-based company specialising in the recovery of organic waste from restaurants was the winner of the 2017 Grand Prix de la finance solidaire in the Societal Innovation category.

The best waste is no waste.

Paris - France
Waste recovery

Noting a lack of food waste separation in restaurants, Stephan Martinez decided to create Moulinot, a socially conscious company for processing bio-waste.

In 2007, he took a master composter training course in Belgium. Now, he knows all about bacteria, earthworms and organic waste. He can also tell you how much nitrogen and carbon each plant and soil type requires.

Much of the waste recovered by the company is processed to produce bio-gas for electricity and heating. The rest is treated with vermicomposting, using earthworms, to provide quality fertiliser. This “luxury” compost is redistributed to vegetable producers around the capital and amateur gardeners in the form of small bags of bespoke fertiliser.

A whole fleet of gas vehicles

With 22 employees and an innovative organisation perfectly suited to dense urban contexts, the company operates throughout Paris and its surrounding regions. Small vehicles collect waste seven days a week from 400 collection points and deposit them in conveniently located containers. Large trucks then take them to processing sites throughout the Île-de-France.

The organisation owes its effectiveness to several factors. Firstly, it operates sorting at source. Bins are made available to restaurant staff to promote selective sorting. Secondly, an on-board weighing system allows waste to be paid for on a per-kilo basis rather than with a flat rate. Lastly the organisation benefits from Stephan Martinez’s dedication as an ambassador for the benefits of sorting as a solution to waste.

Nearly 4,000 tonnes of bio-waste were collected in 2017 from local authorities and over a hundred catering professionals. That is double the 2016 amount. Collections are carried out in around a hundred school canteens to raise awareness of bio-waste recycling amongst staff and pupils.

A greener future

In December 2015, Moulinot landed a contract for waste collection from COP21 in Paris. Twenty tonnes of waste were collected and 100% repurposed. The company followed this up with a contract with the European Football Championship in 2016. Two major success stories.

But this socially-committed company is not stopping there. It has just opened Ile-de-France’s first composting plant for the recovery of food waste from restaurants.

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