The Creation Pact to facilitate business creation

Helping entrepreneur make their projects feasible & secure by financing start-up

Because we are convinced that business creation is not only for those who graduate from great school and for those who benefit from the support of their relatives, France Active has decided to reinforce its action of support & financing of business creation for those who are the most distant from it.

Today, France Active announce the reinforcement of its Creation Pact for people in professional integration situations. It is particularly aimed at young people, those without jobs or training, those from disadvantage districts or even those who come from isolated rural areas, in the context of the call for proposals initiated by the Ministry of Labour, Employment & Integration. The reinforcement of the Creation Pact also aims to provide increased support to those who encounter difficulties in the creation of their structure. Any person with a business creation project or any person for whom such a project may be a good solution to achieve a professional project, can pretend to:

  • Financing solutions & guarantee from France Active;
  • A Creation Pact strengthened on 3 axes: Financial pedagogy, protection & securing and digital awareness;
  • A €3 000 financial aid to facilitate the start-up of their project (if all the eligibility conditions are met).
This reinforced support towards entrepreneurs has been possible thanks to the Inclusion through self-employment’s call for proposals by the Ministry of Labour, Employment & Integration. France Active and its 35 regional associations will support until the end of December 2022, 4 000 entrepreneurs in their creation stage.

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