Today we face, tomorrow we restart!

France Active mobilizes alongside social entrepreneurs to help them cope with the crisis.

With concrete solutions, tailored to different profiles, France Active and its 40 territorial associations are mobilizing to enable social entrepreneurs to resist the loss of activity they might encounter in the current period, and to prepare the relaunch of their activity in the aftermath of the crisis.

In the panel they have set up, both financial and extra-financial solutions have been developed to respond to a wide variety of needs:

  • Financing solutions for those benefitting of a loan from France Active; such as a 6-month suspension of repayment deadlines, the deferment of some maturities at the end of the loan, or if necessary, a restructuration of their loan.
  • Financing solution adapted to beneficiaries of bank loans guaranteed by France Active, by maintaining the guarantee commitment in the event of rescheduling of the loan, the extension of the maximum guarantee period if it is extended, or pending the effective disbursement of the loan
  • France Active also offers a reinforced support to social entrepreneurs, to help them assess their economic situation, and define a roadmap for the upcoming months. This type of support can lead to the constitution of a financial round table, but also to the grant of a zero-rate loan to help the company meet short-term financing needs and support its search of other funding.

In addition to these measures, France Active has published on its website a toolbox, which it regularly updates, to inform on emergency measures undertaken by social economy actors.

This toolbox, developed in French, is available here.

All the teams of the France Active network remain available to respond to the needs and requests of entrepreneurs. As its president Pierre-René Lemas would say, “Social entrepreneurs can count on us. The emergency is solidarity.  This concerns all of us”.

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