Macif is a founding member of France Active and, as Macif Participations, a shareholder of France Active Investissement.
A multi-business insurance group with mutualist values, Macif today has more than 5.5 million members who pool their risks to protect their lives, loved ones and property. As a socially responsible and committed company, Macif participates with France Active in the development of a more inclusive and responsible economy by offering its savers the possibility of directing their life insurance savings towards OFI actions Solidaire: a “90/10” solidarity fund that invests 5 to 10% of its assets in companies in the Social and Solidarity-based Economy (SSE) and in socially innovative companies via France Active Investissement.

The Fondation Macif detects and accompanies projects that provide new responses to proven and unmet social needs from the idea stage through to hive-off. As part of the five-year period 2019-2023, a flagship initiative has been defined until the end of 2021, towards which 50% of the funds are directed: “Mobility and accessibility to essential everyday services”, which the Foundation also supports by being a partner of Place de l’Émergence.

Macif and the Fondation Macif also wanted to support France Active’s Relance Solidaire Programme with €1 million, recognising the importance of social economy entrepreneurship in the social transformation of our society. In addition to this financial contribution, the Macif Group’s elected officials and the Fondation Macif project managers based in the regions will monitor these positive social-impact projects locally to help guide them along the way.

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