France Active at the Europan Social Economy Summit in may : Save the date !

France Active will host 2 online sessions alongside European stakeholders on May 27th at the European Social Economy Summit.

The European Social Economy Summit (EUSES) is a jointly organized digital conference by the European Commission and the City of Mannheim. The conference aims at strengthening the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions.

> a 90-minute session on promoting the way in which multi-stakeholder collaboration allows social finance to meet the needs of social enterprises, alongside:

  • Alexandra Nitzlader – FASE – Social Finance and Venture Capital Expert
  • Finansol, France
    Finansol is the French network of actors involved in solidarity-based finance.
  • Nicolas Blondeau – Inpulse, Belgium, Poland and France – Investment Manager 
    Inpulse is an investment manager with special know-how on social investments and microfinance based in Belgium, Poland and France active throughout Europe and the MENA region.
  • Mikulas Kresanek – Socialni Inovatori, Slovakia – co-founder
    Socialni Inovatori is a private Slovakian social bank investing in social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

This session aims at promoting the way in which multi-stakeholder collaboration allows social finance to meet the needs of social enterprises. In bringing together investors, citizens, national and European public authorities and social enterprises, social finance represents a model of cooperation around a common goal: fulfilling the SDGs through social entrepreneurship.

> a 90-minute session on how Europe can boost the replication of social innovations on territories, alongside : 

  • Ashoka Impact Transfer, Austria
    Impact Transfer is an initiative of Ashoka, which facilitates the cross-border replication and transfer of social/environmental innovations and makes them available where they are needed and demanded by local stakeholders.
  • European Social Catalyst Fund, Ireland, Germany, Belgium
    The European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF) is a new initiative which aims at bringing together public and private resources to improve social services to enable people who need support to live as valued and participating members of their communities.
  •, France is a network of digital training centers offering free courses in digital professions that are currently in high demand, which seek to include those jobseekers who are underrepresented in the digital world. Since 2014, is going international and is currently located in 4 other European countries (Romania, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland).
  • Supercoop, Germany
    SuperCoop Berlin aims to create a community-owned supermarket to provide high-quality and sustainable food at fair prices.

While paying attention to the stakes (cooperation, adaptation …) and to the support and funding needs at all stages of replication (conception, implementation …), the session aims at promoting the diversity of ways to replicate relevant social innovations, with a view to better address the social and environmental challenges Europe is facing.

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