Mobilizing investment to meet social and ecological challenges

France Active's "Actifs Solidaires" initiative is designed to give all associations and social economy companies the opportunity to invest. Much more than a new financial offering, it's a whole approach that France Active is initiating to mobilize all its partners. The ambition is to enable all players to consolidate their mission of social utility and to think about the future in response to social and ecological emergencies. Here's an update on this initiative and on the first Actifs Solidaires meetings in Paris and the regions.

The logic behind Actifs Solidaires is to develop the access to investment for social and solidarity based companies and non-profit organizations so they can project themselves into the future.


This approach, supported by France Active, mobilizes both its partners committed to its associative project and Social Economy leaders. It demonstrates that finance, by mobilizing the savings of citizens, is able to invest in projects whose primary expected return on investment is about their social utility.


Actifs Solidaires are men and women who, on a day-to-day basis, carry out projects based on job creation, ecology, regional development and social cohesion within a framework of democratic governance.


Actifs Solidaires also provides the financial resources to enable these players to focus on the social and solidarity-based dimension of their projects. Actifs Solidaires mobilizes all the teams at France Active and its partners, who are convinced that they are working together to serve committed entrepreneurs.


Actifs Solidaires is a new way of raising awareness of the challenges of investment among the leaders of the social economy, and of supporting them in the face of ecological, societal and digital transformations.


Finally, Actifs Solidaires is France Active’s ambition to double the number of non-profit organizations and socail economy companies it supports by 2027.

Actifs Solidaires initiative launched across France

A launch in Paris

The first step in this process was a conference held on September 28 at Césure in Paris.


The theme of the evening was “Mobilizing finance to meet social and ecological challenges: the new deal for socially responsible investment”.


How can committed entrepreneurs respond to the profound changes in our modes of production, consumption and way of life? How can solidarity finance provide new answers to their needs?


Solidarity investors, committed entrepreneurs and France Active partners were all present to discuss the issues.

And here’s the best of them.

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