New year wishes 2024

Pierre-René LEMAS

Chairman of France Active

The socio-economic context and the growing importance of climate change issues reinforce what connects us: the deep desire to transform our society through economic development that is compatible with the future of generations to come, and oriented to the inclusion of all.


The various crises we are experiencing can only lead us to take even more action. Returning to the fundamentals that drive us is the dearest wish for this new year that I express on behalf of France Active, its teams, employees and volunteers.


And it’s in the values of the Social Economy that we must refound our action. Every day, the thousands of entrepreneurs we support demonstrate that it is possible to reconcile economic development with social commitment. It’s a commitment that is built locally around issues of employment, ecology and social cohesion, within a framework of democratic governance.


Acting for a more social economy means betting on the future. A collective gamble that concerns us all.

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