AG2R LA MONDIALE Gestion d’actifs, the management company of AG2R LA MONDIALE, has more than €24bn in assets under management, including €19bn in the form of Undertakings for Collective Investment (UCI) at the end of May 2020 and manages 18 funds. It is a member of the Association Française de Gestion Financière (AFG). AG2R LA MONDIALE Gestion d’actifs has had an integrated SRI team for 20 years, made up of specialists dedicated to the analysis of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria and SRI managers. It manages a range of SRI UCIs totalling €10 billion at the end of May 2020, covering the main asset classes and management strategies. AG2R LA MONDIALE Gestion d’actifs offers a range of SRI Solidarity ALM funds, which support projects that meet the community or environmental challenges of solidarity-based savings. The SRI Solidarity ALM funds’ share of solidarity-based securities is invested in shares of France Active Investissement, the leading solidarity-based investment company in France. About AG2R LA MONDIALE A specialist in social and asset protection in France, AG2R LA MONDIALE insures private individuals, companies and industries to protect health, secure assets and income, protect against life’s accidents, and prepare for retirement. AG2R LA MONDIALE is a partnership with joint and mutualist governance, and cultivates a unique model of social protection that closely combines profitability and solidarity, performance and social commitment. Every year, the Group devotes several million euros to helping vulnerable people and supporting individual and collective initiatives.

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