Specialising in social and asset protection in France, AG2R LA MONDIALE insures private individuals, companies and industries, to protect health, secure assets and income, protect against life’s accidents, and prepare for retirement. AG2R LA MONDIALE is a partnership with joint and mutualist governance, and cultivates a unique model of social protection that closely combines profitability and solidarity, performance and social commitment. Every year, the Group devotes several million euros to helping vulnerable people and supporting individual and collective initiatives. Through its Agirc-Arrco social action, AG2R LA MONDIALE supports the Pacte Relance and the people behind the projects working in the field of housing, assistance to carers, and the autonomy and isolation of the elderly or frail. The AG2R LA MONDIALE Corporate Foundation works in the general interest in addition to its public and associative actions. Its vocation is to “contribute to autonomy and getting along together throughout life”, which it translates into priority policies: autonomy through education, autonomy through employment and entrepreneurship, solidarity between generations. The Foundation supported France Active throughout the duration of the CAP’JEUNES programme, from 2012 to 2019.

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