As an institution of the French Republic and a central bank member of the Eurosystem, the Banque de France participates through its missions in the development of a balanced and sustainable economy. These responsibilities give it a duty to set an example as a responsible company at the service of society. Drawing on the experience acquired within its asset management teams and that of institutional, public and private investors, and with the conviction that environmental, social and governance-related factors have an impact on the value of investments, the Banque de France has drawn up a responsible investment charter with commitments and actions. In 2020, out of solidarity with social economy and solidarity-based entrepreneurs impacted by the health crisis, the Banque de France is making a financial commitment to France Active to provide exceptional support for its two programmes “Relance solidaire” in favour of entities weakened by the crisis and “Place de l’Emergence” which supports creators of solidarity-based businesses.

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