A subsidiary of the Banque de France, BDF-Gestion is the asset management company of the Banque de France and at the end of 2019 managed a range of 38 funds for a total of €19 billion. This range covers the European and American fixed income and equity markets. The majority of assets under management are dedicated to institutional investors, including its main client and shareholder, the Banque de France. BDF-Gestion also manages funds open to the public and employee savings funds, including the BDF-FONDS S DIVERSIFIE -SOLIDAIRE mutual fund, a €32 million SRI solidarity-based diversified fund (figures at 31/12/19). On 4 June 2019, this fund was awarded the Finansol label in recognition of the quality of its diversified SRI management process and its investments in the solidarity economy. The fund’s solidarity assets are partly directed towards France Active Investissement and nearly €1.5m has already been invested in it.

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